'Just The Essentials' (2021) 

A series of products and accessories designed to help eradicate the physical manifestation of anxiety. Developed within the context of an imagined world where anxiety collects like dirt in our homes, I wanted to explore what the effect of consumerism would be on this phenomena. How would our hyper consumerist culture work to capitalise on this? 

My vision is these products, in which they sell our anxiety back to us, pre-packaged and ready to buy. 


' Portrait of a Coping Mechanism' (2021)

A portrait of a cleaning caddy filled with anxiety removing products. Its aim is to elevate the everyday object into a revered thing, honouring the the little ways in which people cope with mental health on a daily basis and also showcasing what many of these practises are covering up.  


Post Panic (2021) Soft Sculpture

This satirical caricature of ‘Anxiety Attack’ the anxiety cleaning product which has been scaled up to human size and stuffed so that it becomes anthropomorphic, a human like lump which is creased and deflated, slumped over, exhausted by its own anxiety. An oversized comical figure, exhausted by the physical and emotional toll of cleaning up all our anxieties  


Commune (2021) Textile Installation

An entirely participatory textile installation where the audience is invited to lounge upon the rug, creating a share experience, and thus temporary community with other people on the rug. The design of the rug is translated from the infographic drawing ‘12.1.2021′ which is part of a digital drawing series which explores the temporary communities we each unconsciously drift in and out of each day.


Inflation Rate (2021) Inflatable Sculpture 

 Challenging the value of preservation and permeance in art, this piece provides a fleeting and unique experience within the everyday. Its biomorphic forms and alien-pink colour contrast with the muted tones and linear lines of the street serving to add a bit of color and intrigue to the street environment. Precedence here is put on the experiencing the work, because because only a few will do. Did you manage to see it? 

"Colony" soft sculpture (2020)

This piece is a modular sculpture comprised of 19 separate modules which can be rearranged to create different structural compositions. As part of the "Letters to strangers" project separate modules were posted out to participants as a reminder that although separated and individual every person forms a crucial component in a larger, more powerful movement. Everyone is needed, no-one is ever alone.