Work created for the "Chain Mail Project" during March and April 2020, a communal exploration and reflection  of the feelings of loss, discomfort, uncertainty and loneliness experienced during lockdown through creative means 

"A growing fear" (2020)

Martha Ritchie, Risograph print

"This is not normal"  (2020) 

Anna Shankie, Digital Collage 

"The new normal" (2020)

Tim Kirman, Digital Collage 

"How to float" (2020)

 Aimee Skelton, Photo Collage 

"House Number 9" (2020)

 Robbie Montgomery, Digital Collage 

"Clinging On" (2020)

 Grazyna Adrian, Mixed Media Sculpture 


"Bonnie Sands"  (2020)

 Jordan McBride, Acrylic & Oil on Board 

"Japanese Dreams"  (2020)

Georgia Embling, Coloured Pencil

Gaia’s guise


Don’t come around, surround me

Lay your head on my ceiling, your floor

Encase me in your cancelled plans,

Your short circuits,

The inversion of your four walls


Embrace me in loud distance

As the chips fall on the silent parade

See from the window,

those who march

Below the rest of us who wave


Lean away to reach me

Your routine is my demise

Stack your bricks high

 Show yourself

Solipsism is only a guise

"Gaia's Guise"  (2020)

Kate Lawless, Poetry

"Analog Scene"  (2020)

Will Mackaness, Digiscape

"Flower and Grid"  (2020)

 David Iain Brown, Mixed Media Collage 

"Untitled"  (2020)

 Robbie Winstanley, Acrylic on Board


"Untitled"  (2020)

 Campbell Barclay, Acrylic on Canvas

"Routine" (2020)

 Lucy Gynn-Poisson, Acrylic on Canvas

"Female Energy"  (2020)

 Niamh Byrne, Acrylic on Paper 

"Quarantine Queen" (2020)

 Jade Smith, Acrylic on cardboard