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Emotion  [Ih-moh-shuh n]



  • wibbling, wobbling gelatinous form compromised of neurochemicals, synaptic impulses and lived experiences.

  • an affective state of consciousness in which joy, sorrow, hate and the like is experienced, takes the form of a jelly like substance 

Martha Ritchie is an emerging artist based in the east end of Glasgow. 

Her work primarily centres around creating tactile art experiences and environments that allow the viewer to be fully immersed in the piece. She explores a range of themes, a central one being creating a tangible experience of imperceivable things. Many things although invisible can still have a real impact in our lives, like our emotional state. 

Collaboration is becoming an important part of her developing practise, she is interested in challenging traditional ideas of authorship within art and what that means for viewer experience.

A firm advocate for the use of art in a therapeutic manner, ahe is passionate about being involved in community outreach programmes that do creative classes with a range of people including those with poor mental health, addiction issues and children from disadvantaged backgrounds.


She is one third of Collective:East an art collective which aims to create a creative community and opportunities  for artists living in the eastend of Glasgow  

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